NowPublic/Bryght HQs

infooffices / Vancouver / 2007

This project renovates a long, narrow commercial space in Vancouver’s Gastown area into offices for two local internet companies, providing an open platform for both office’s young and dynamic work cultures. The space is organized into two zones, one for each company, with a central, shared, glass conference room and reception area which provides separation but preserves spatial continuity and access to views and light at each end of the space.

A stair at the north end leads to a small break room and deck above which gives an amazing view of Burrard Inlet, the port facilities and the North Shore beyond. Each space takes advantage of the top-floor location to maximize daylighting via skylights. Private offices flank open work areas which facilitate a fluid, collaborative working environment. Bnode designed furnishings for these areas that integrate power supply, screens, and lighting into a continuous, modular system which can be reorganized into different configurations, expanded, or minimized. The system features a powder-coated, folded metal spine from which adjustable light fixtures sprout, creating a warm glow.

with Keith Doyle and Marc Baumgartner

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