Arts Factory


infoThe Arts Factory repurposes an old timber and masonry industrial building in Vancouver’s False Creek Flats into a new role serving art production and exhibition.

The new uses include artist studios, a woodworking shop, metalworking shop, paint workshop, gallery space, design studios, offices, conference rooms, kitchen and lounge areas, restrooms and showers, lockers and storage space, all organized into approximately 3000 square meters of redeveloped buildingĀ area. The repurposed building will provide work space and facilities for over 130 artists, designers and fabricators.

The modification adds a 14 meter high glazed tower to the heart of the existing building. The tower, together with a large corridor that traverses the building and tower, become the main organizing gestures of the project.

The corridor element functions as an indoor street, connecting the studios and other functions but also providing exhibition and social space, and opportunity for encounters, talks, performances, and events.

The tower addition brings natural light into the building interior and provides a large, open volume that can be used as one continuous space or subdivided and modified with folding partitions to accommodate a variety of uses, from the construction of props and sets to art shows, talks and performances, including the exhibition of large scale installation based work.

The Arts Factory will provide activity and focus for the community, and be a significant addition to the emerging “Flats” arts district in Vancouver’s East False Creek area.

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